Christmas Special

Be brave and divert from traditions! Come and try something new with Daruma Christmas menu.


Whole Daruma staff wishes you a Merry Christmas season!


Christmas menu  50€  

(available in 15.11 - 18.12)  


Spicy garlic edamame (mild) NEW


Grilled mix sashimi (4pcs) NEW

(includes lightly grilled salmon, whitefish, scallop, ginger, sesame seeds)


Umi maki (8 pcs) NEW

(includes lightly grilled salmon, purple pickled slaw, cucumber, avocado, teriyaki sauce, sriracha, spring onion)

Shake nigiri (2 pcs)

Shiromasu nigiri (2 pcs)

Teriyaki shake nigiri (2 pcs)

Spicy hotate nigiri (2 pcs)



Christmas Vegan Menu  45€  

(available in 15.11 - 18.12)  


Spicy garlic edamame (mild) NEW


Katsu tofu (2pcs) + lemon basil dipping sauce NEW


Midori maki (8 pcs) NEW

(includes crispy tofu, jalapeno, avocado, shiso leaf, teriyaki sauce, sesame seeds)

Avocado nigiri (2 pcs)

Inari nigiri (2 pcs)

Spicy mushroom gunkan (2 pcs)



Christmas Party

For groups, Daruma is available for Christmas parties! Reserve whole restaurant for yourself!

Package includes

Whole restaurant at your disposal for two hours (extra hours negotiable)

Order anything from the menu and as much as you can eat within the reserved time

Price is 70€ per person, min charge is for 10 person

Drinks -20% off the list price


Reserve a week in advanced Please contact us via phone (+358 40 554 6406) or email ( for more information.

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